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    Top10 Morning Routines

    Many people have recently been asking me, what me Morning Routine contains, and most recently it’s become even more important to get a good start to the day if you’re working from home.  I really find that setting the day up well, makes the rest of the day much more productive and I personally feel much more focused and “on it!” So here’s a link to download my Top 10 Morning Routines Checklist – 10 things to try and cover in your morning, before you start work/daily activities. https://elearning.digienable.co.uk/top-10-morning-routines-checklist It’s in a format that you’ll hopefully be able to print out and stick in your diary or on your fridge –…

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    Audio Or Sound

    I have many conversations with people who don”t understand the difference between the two audible notions, and thought it might be helpful to explain the difference in some simple terms. So what words do we use to describe what we hear? We use phrases like music, audio, noise, static, sonic, waves and frequency to explain the audio around us. Sound, being the main umbrella word to describe anything that we can hear. So let’s start with the battle between Audio v Sound… Audio v Sound Audio is anything audible that has been produced, recorded or processed by something electronic or digital. This could also be referred to as a “sound signal”.…

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    Making The Most Of Working Away From Home

    Ever wondered what to do when working away from home? This week I’ve spent most of my time, working away from home in London. It’s not an uncommon thing nowadays, but this time I feel I’ve been successful in making the most of it! One of my favourite mottos now I run my own Digital business is… This to me reflects the need for balance in life, in all areas. This is what I strive for in my world, along with trying to make the world a better place for everyone. I woke up this morning feeling blessed. Soft white fluffy pillows and sheets in a comfy bed; having done…

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    Choose Chorley Digital Speaker

    #selfieoftheweek goes to last night’s @visitchorley #ChooseChorley event. Still buzzing off it! I’m sure it wasn’t all about the amount of #coffee I’ve had to get me through this week! Speaking all about digital businesses and the future of digital at a great new digital hub for Chorley!! I’m really #proud to #travel around the world and come back to what I call home in #Chorley  It’s gone through so much change and it’s great to see people outside of the area start to look seriously at #Chorley as a place to really do business!  It was fab to showcase the digital businesses in Chorley, and it was great to see such a fabulous turn out for something “not in…

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    Best Productivity Process 2019

    After a few hours of research, I’ve found a new and improved system for my Pomodoro tracking, but with a key element that helps me in my reflection time every week – tracking time in a bespoke Google Calendar, with details linking to what tasks I added in my To-Do List (which most don’t do). The reason I needed a new Pomodoro system was because my beloved Android-only “Task Timer Calendar” started crashing a few months ago, and now I find out they’ve removed the app from the appstore – GUTTED! So here goes, the magic bit is…. drumroll Zapier to link everything together. I spent a couple of hours…