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Best Productivity Process 2019

After a few hours of research, I’ve found a new and improved system for my Pomodoro tracking, but with a key element that helps me in my reflection time every week – tracking time in a bespoke Google Calendar, with details linking to what tasks I added in my To-Do List (which most don’t do).

The reason I needed a new Pomodoro system was because my beloved Android-only “Task Timer Calendar” started crashing a few months ago, and now I find out they’ve removed the app from the appstore – GUTTED!

So here goes, the magic bit is…. drumroll

Zapier to link everything together. I spent a couple of hours figuring it all out – to be honest the biggest issue to understand was the logic.

nSo now using Zapier, when I finish a Pomodoro in PomoDone App, it automatically adds a new event to my chosen Google Calendar, and at the same time tracks the time and task details in Toggl a time tracker system.

Pomodoro, Task and Time Tracking for free?

Yes, in it’s simplest setup you can get a free Todoist account to make and complete task lists, PomoDone App free lets you sync 2 different “projects” – which in To-Do List terms is 2 Todoist Lists with multiple tasks and subtasks. This then means you can setup a free Zapier account to link everything together, and link the Pomodoro timers with both Google Calendar (free account) and Toggl which is free for a basic level account with one user and a limited number of projects.

This means that I can set a task in Todoist, run a Pomodoro (or more) on it, tick it off as done (which syncs too), then be able to reflect on these bursts of work in my calendar, and on Toggl to track time in project format.

I now feel refreshed and renewed in my productivity sprints, and I love geeking out over the technology that makes it easier to use!

What Productivity Processes Can Do for You

I love being a Productivity Speaker and sharing these sorts of tips at conferences, and seeing people’s eyes and brains light up with the concepts and understanding how much of an impact increasing productivity can make on every other part of your life. It’s even better when I get to hear feedback months later of people working in their offices together on Pomodoro sprints and have reduced their working days by hours! Love it!
If you’re more productive, you have more time for you and the people and things you love!

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